We Love to Dance!

Who we are:

We are a non-profit dance organization directed toward the entertainment and fellowship of the members and devoted to the preservation of a great American dance style collectively known as "swing" but actually encompassing dozens of different dance styles and hundreds of variations. Our music is bop, shag, and rhythm and blues which will inspire you to dance to the rhythm of the beat. So come along and let us introduce you to the people, the dance, and the music collectively known as the Evansville River City Bop Club.

We enjoy visitors anytime…we encourage you to come dance with us.


Location - EAGLES - 6000 Old Boonville Hwy, Evansville IN

Weekly - Every Wednesday from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm with classes at 7:15 pm
BOP Club Members Are $2.00 - Non-Members $5.00
Monthly - Every First Friday Of The Month from 8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
BOP Club Members Are FREE - Non-Members $5.00



Wed. April 15 - Kay and Roger will be teaching some great BOP
Wed. April 22 - Look for Kay and Roger to bring us some more great BOP
Wed. April 29 - Since this is the 5th Wednesday of the month, we will be bringing in our favorite snacks and finger food.
Fri. May 1 - Our First Friday Dance
Wed. May 6 - Instructors, Sue & Larry Stanley
Wed. May 13 - Instructors, Sue & Larry Stanley

Our elections for club officers will be coming up in September this year.  Start thinking about who you would like to have as your elected board.  Talk to those people and make sure that they would be interested in taking that responsibility and then nominate them for the board.  I know it sounds like September is a long way off but, believe me, it will be here before you know it.  This would also give our prospective newly elected board members time to decide if they want to possibly accept the position that they are nominated for.  They would have time to talk with current board members and get some information as to what would be expected of them for the next 2 years.



The ERC BOP Club is Proud to be a member of the ABA










For more information email:

president@ercbopclub.com - Mike Ford, President

vicepresident@ercbopclub.com - Kathy Osburn, Vice President

treasurer@ercbopclub.com - Fran Ford, Treasurer

membership@ercbopclub.com - Cecilia Kuester - Membership Chair Person


Thanks for visiting and we look forward to meeting you.