Our 4th Annual Swing Fling is just around the corner! Click the link below to view and print a flier!!  

We Love to Dance!

Who we are:

We are a non-profit dance organization directed toward the entertainment and fellowship of the members and devoted to the preservation of a great American dance style collectively known as "swing" but actually encompassing dozens of different dance styles and hundreds of variations. Our music is bop, shag, and rhythm and blues which will inspire you to dance to the rhythm of the beat. So come along and let us introduce you to the people, the dance, and the music collectively known as the Evansville River City Bop Club.

We enjoy visitors anytime…we encourage you to come dance with us.


Location - EAGLES - 6000 Old Boonville Hwy, Evansville IN

Weekly - Every Wednesday 7-9:30 PM with classes at 7:15
BOP Club members $2.00 non members $5.00
Monthly - Every First Friday of the month at 8-11 PM
BOP members free non members $5.00

As most of you have probably heard, we are going to start offering BEGINNERS DANCE LESSONS on Wednesday nights.  If you know of someone that would like to dance but they feel uncomfortable getting on the dance floor with more experienced dancers, now is their chance to learn the basics and then grow with us as they progress through new steps weekly with our regular weekly dance lessons.  These weekly BEGINNERS DANCE LESSONS will begin on August 6th.  We will be offering beginner East Coast Swing Lessons on that Wednesday.  We want to encourage as many potential dancers as we can to come to our beginners dances prior to our Swing Fling, hoping that some of them will want to attend the Swing Fling 2015.  We will also be offering some FREE PASSES to our Wednesday Dances for Beginners so stop by the registration table and pick up some of the FREE PASSES to give to your friends.

Swing Fling 2015 Flier

Swing Fling 2015 Registration Form

Swing Fling IV - 2015


Come join us this Wednesday, Sept. 10th for a fun night of dancing.  Kathy Osburn and Bruce Hensley will be teaching us another Country 2 Step move.  Come on out and join the fun.  We would also like to thank Bruce Hensley for providing the music for our dance last Wednesday.  The feedback was great.


Our beginner East Coast Swing dance lessons have been going great.  Just remember, if you are someone that thinks they have two left feet and can not dance, don't give up on yourselves.  With our great instructors, we are teaching people that have never thought that they could dance into people that are learning just how much fun organized social dancing can be.


Our First Friday Dance on September 5th was a huge success.  We would like to thank Fran Ford, our club treasurer for coming up with such a fun idea for our Back To School theme dance.  We had a nice size crowd and GREAT participation in the Back To School Game.  We had 31 people bring a picture of themselves that was taken back in their school days.  Each of these pictures were posted on a board with a corresponding number.  The game proved to be much more difficult than one would have expected.  The person with the most correct answers was Darlene Tinsley from the Corvette City Bop and Dance Club in Bowling Green, KY.  Darlene got 13 picture/name matches correct.  We would like to give a shout out to two of our members, LaVern Adkisson and Joan Grose for going that extra step and also dressed for the occasion.  I guess I should also mention another member that dressed for the occasion (if that's what you want to call it), Ken Downen.  Ken wore a pair of black frame glasses and, to make it appear more like a 1950's student, added a little white tape across the bridge of the glasses frame.  WAY TO GO KEN!  Also, we would like to thank Dorothy & Randy Hargis, Jerry & Chris Partington and Darlene & Steve Tinsley from Corvette City Bop & Dance Club of Bowling Green, KY for joining us in our evening of dancing and fun.  Finally, our club founder, Roger Daniels was the winner of our half pot.  Roger said that he has NEVER won a half pot drawing at any of our ERC Bop Club dances.



The ERC BOP Club is Proud to be a member of the ABA



For more information email:

president@ercbopclub.com - Mike Ford, President

vicepresident@ercbopclub.com - Kathy Osburn, Vice President

secretary@ercbopclub.com - Joe May, Secretary

treasurer@ercbopclub.com - Fran Ford, Treasurer

membership@ercbopclub.com - Cecilia Kuester - Membership Chair Person


Thanks for visiting and we look forward to meeting you.